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Sewing your own garments is not as difficult as it may sound. This course will take you through the very basic elements of fabric choice, getting to know your sewing machine and how to begin expanding your wardrobe by sewing your own clothing, or clothing for your family.

Once you finish this course, you will be able to fit patterns to your body, choose the correct size, and stitch together garments that you like and that fit you well.


Courses include:

Sewing Basic

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course – given upon demand


We also offer Private Classes or Semi-Private Classes (max of 6)


Sewing Basic Course:


In this Basic course you will learn all about: The Tools of the trade, The World of Fabrics, The World of Notions, The Grainline, How to read a commercial pattern, and the layout and cutting of pattern for class project. The student will also learn all about seam constructions, seam finishing and how to insert a centered zipper as well as some basic hand-stitches.  You will also learn how to take proper measurements and do minor alterations to a pattern.  In this class the student will apply all of the above to a garment that he/she constructs in class.  This is a fun class with a curriculum that is easy to follow and where the students learn by hands-on exercises. This is an 8 weeks course - 2.5 hours a week.

Intermediate Course: 

In this course, the student learns the following:

  • Learning all about darts

  • How to construct a patch pocket and a lined pocket.

  • How to hem a pair of pants and various alterations.

  • More hand stitches.

  • Application of a lapped zipper and a separating zipper

  • How to alter a pattern. (The class project is either a dress or a lined skirt).

  • How to construct a bound buttonhole and how to make a machine buttonhole.

  • Construction of the class project.


This is an 8-weeks course – 2.5hrs / week.

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